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Built in the family palace of the 18th Century, this guest house still bears the atmosphere of the period, in which the house was built: a mixture of elegance and simplicity.

Casa Astarita  was created in 1998 by the fantasy and the good taste for traditions as well as for innovation, of the well-known interior designer, Mr. Marco De Luca. It is a prefect combination between antique and modern style, where you can admire family furniture pieces, decorated 18th-Century majolicas, together with the harmonic intertwining of arches and vaults.What is most striking, is the wonderful sensation of feeling at home.  Particularly interesting is a share-parlour, where all guests can have free access to a little library, tasting the delicious breakfasts (you just cannot miss the home-made cakes and fruit-jams) or maybe sipping the traditional “granma lemon liquor”, at night.Casastarita on Facebook

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